Hi, I'm Olga,


I truly love what I do, and as a wedding photographer, I am privileged to be part of one of the most memorable and emotional days in your life.

My job is to capture the essence of how unique and beautiful your wedding day really was, so you can relive the day again and again, savouring the treasured memories forever.

My style?  Timeless and natural. I love capturing moments and my goal is to help you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your special day.


       On a side note…

  • When I’m not behind my camera, I love to cook gourmet dishes at home, however my tried-and-true favourite with my friends is always my homemade pizza!
  • I graduated from a professional music school as a classically trained pianist. I used to practise Chopin every day, however these days I rarely play.
  • I am a perfectionist which works to my detriment sometimes, but receiving ‘Wow’ comments from my clients is well worth every extra hour of work or study to me.

“I truly believe that the most important thing about your wedding is you.”


Which will be your experience?